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Locator HQ offers something every programmer needs in their daily work. Besides saving hundreds of programming man hours you can make every web experience that much more personalized - all through an IP to Location service thats reliable, accurate and best of all Free.

Some of the use cases for this API

The Locator HQ IP to Location API has many uses. Below are just a few examples:

Language Localization: Before you load your home page, check the location of your website visitor using our API and then change content (language, graphics, sales pitch etc.) according to the users' location.

Redirection based on Location: If you know the location of your users you can redirect them to relavant pages within your website or application.

Real time traffic visualization: Using our API you can also plot the lattitude and longitude of your website visitors and show it on a mapping interface such as Google Maps to visualize your website traffic in real-time.

Open and Click Tracking for Email Marketing Vendors: If you are an emial marketing software vendor your application already produces open and click stats but with our API you can now add open and click stats with geo location. Call our API straight after you register an open or click in your application with minimum overhead and capture the City, Country data for your users.

Content Localization: Use our API to do fancy stuff on your clients' website such as if someone comes to your clients' online directory website from San Jose, then show them the "nearest restaurants and cafes in San Jose" page.





Read this before signing up

Our intention is not to become millionaires selling this subscription based service. Over the years, we've spent truck loads of money putting up with the issues with IP to Location lookups. We simply want to charge a small fee for getting rid of your pain - pain that we've put up with for years. 

Our API is currently 100% free to use. At some stage we plan to start charging for it.

When? Don't know. I guess when free becomes expensive...

Our terms are simple: (Don't test our patience)

Don't abuse this privilege

Do not try to flood our network with multi-threaded API calls

Do not make API calls in a loop

Do not make API Calls in bulk


New in Version 2

Version 2 of the Locator HQ IP to Location API includes valuable information such as browser, operating system, device and referrer source information. Using this information you can personalize your users' experience based on the device type, operating system or best of all, deal with the nemesis that is Internet explorer...