More than just an IP to Location API

Make every web experience highly personalized with our FREE Location Based API.

Yes No need to purchase expensive and inaccurate databases
Yes No need to maintain browsercap or any other server side files
Yes Superfast API connection - minimum resource consumption
Yes Premium data, no throttling. 100% Free.
Hint: Try adding ?ip=[IP Address] to the end of the url above.

IP to Location, Browser detection, Operating System, Device and Marketing Data - All in a single API call

IP to Location Data
ISO Standard Country Code
Country Name
Country Flags (PNG file, 64px & 128px)
Google Static Image Map
Lattitude & Longitude Data
Browser & Device Data
Browser Type (E.g Firefox)
Browser Version (E.g. Version 4.3)
Browser Family (E.g. Mozilla)
Browser CSS Version (E.g 2.0)
Browser Javascript Capabilities
Browser Cookie Capabilities
Operating System (Windows or Mac)
Device Information (E.g Apple iPhone)
Marketing Data
Entry Keyword
Referral Domain
Referral URL Source
Remarketing Data (coming soon)
Has this IP visited your site before
Last time this IP was seen on your site


Simple to use API

This API was created by developers for developers. We were constantly finding issues with all the different IP to Location databases we purchased and the inaccuracies were costing us time and money because of the number of places we use IP lookups in our commercial apps. So we chose to build a new IP to Location lookup method that is reliable, accurate and very easy to use. The API support XML, JSON and Plain Text formats.

Valuable & Accurate Data

The API is designed to return not only the standard IP to Location data but also other valuable data such as Browser, Operating System, Device and Marketing data. We are soon introducing "Remarketing Data" which will tell you if the IP address you lookup has visited your website before. Using all this information you can provide a much more personalized experience to your website visitors.

Up to date Data

Updating the IP lookups table in the database is a pain. A pain you no longer need to worry about. Our global network of servers are always up to date with the latest IP to Location information and results are propagated through the API in near real time (unless some ISP somewhere goes bankrupt and an entire B class is being reallocated). Our premium API also guarantees a 99.99% uptime guarantee and a 99% data accuracy guarantee.

Build your own apps

With the way our API returns the data, any semi-intelligent developer can put together apps in minutes. Whether you are looking to build a mapping application, providing geo targeting services to your client, building intelligent apps that factor in browser, OS and device driven personalization or deal with "run for the hills if Browser = IE" syndrome - your next cool app is only one API call away. XML, JSON or just plain text, you decide which works best for you. Check out the developer documentation. Its mind numbingly simple.