Latest API Documentation

In version 2 we have introduced a number of new features and the response structure has changed slightly. Hence, all version 1 users are required to update their API call scripts. While version 2 is 100% backwards compatible, in order for you to take advantage of the new features you need to update your scripts.

There are 2 additional request parameters you need to send along with the IP address. While these 2 parameters are optional, if you don't pass them, you might as well not use version 2.

The request URL for version 2 is different:

Parameter Description Format
API Key This is your standard API Key. key
IP Address Your IPv4 IP Address ip
Username Your username user
User Agent This is the server side user agent useragent
Referrer Source This is the source a user was referred from before entering your website. If blank, we'll consider that to be a direct visit to your website. referrer
Response Format Data is now returned in 3 formats. Unless you specify otherwise all data is returned in text format. Other formats accepted are XML and JSON. format

The API returns data in the following format

Response Param Description
countryCode ISO Country Code (e.g. NZ)
countryName Country Name: New Zealand
regionName For US/Canada this is the state value. For others this is the district/region value
cityName Auckland
cityLattitude Standard Lattitude
cityLongitude Standard Longitude
countryFlags Array type for flag PNG files. 128 px and 64 px high-res transparent PNG with hosted absolute URL.
http:// resource of a static image map (thanks to Google)
browserName e.g. Chrome
browserVersion e.g. 12
browserFamily Webkit
browserCookies Enabled (yes/no)
browserJavascript Enabled (yes/no)
browserCSSVersion 2.0 or 3.0
osName e.g. Win7 or Mac OS X
deviceType iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s II
entryKeyword The keyword used to enter your website (e.g. Google search organic referral)
entrySource The complete URL source of the referral
entryDomain The domain name of the referring source

Try a sample API call and view source in

Plain Text:<username> &key=<apikey> &ip=

JSON -<username> &key=<apikey> &ip=

XML -<username> &key=<apikey> &ip=